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Collaborative Innovation Center of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau’s Ecological Husbandry Holds 2014 Working Conference
January 15, 2015  Hit:[]

On December 16, 2014,at the Conference Hall of Wuhou Campus,this year’s Working Conference of the Collaborative Innovation Center of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau’s Ecological Husbandry was held.  

Present at the conference were: Nan Zhibiao, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) and professor of Lanzhou University, Tian Liangang, Director of the Department of Education and Technology, State Ethnic Affairs Commission (SEAC), Bian Jing, Party Secretary of the CPC Committee of Southwest University for Nationalities (SWUN), Zeng Ming, President of SWUN,Zhao Xinquan, Head of Chengdu Institute of Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS), Zhang Huaigang, Head of Northwest Institute of Plateau Biology, CAS, YuSijiu, Vice President of Gansu Agricultural University, Liu Shujie, Deputy Dean of Qinghai Academy of Animal and Veterinary Sciences, An Yan, Head of GeneralOffice, Department of Education and Technology, SEAC, and field experts from institutes including Beijing University, China Agricultural University (CAU),Lanzhou University, Tibet University, Northwest Agriculture & Forestry University, CAS, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Sichuan Academy of Grassland Science, Tibet Academy of Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Sciences,Qinghai Academy of Animal and Veterinary Sciences, and Ministry of Agriculture’sKey Laboratory on Animal Epidemiology and Zoonosis. The conference was chairedby Wang Yong, Director of the center and Vice President of SWUN.  

The name list of the second board of directors, the academic board, and leading experts of the innovation team was announced during the conference.Nan Zhibiao was appointed director of the academic board. Wu Changxin,Academician of CAS and professor of CAU, Chen Huanchun, Academician of CAE,President of Chinese Association of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine, and Vice President of Huazhong Agricultural University, Zhang Gaiping, Academician of CAE and President of Henan Agricultural University, and Wang Yong, were appointed as his deputies. Zeng Ming, President of SWUN as well as chairman ofthe board of directors, issued the letters of appointment to the appointed.  

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