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International Education College Hosts 7th Singing Contest for Home and Overseas Students
January 15, 2015  Hit:[]

On December 16, 2014, at the Student Center of Wuhou Campus, the7th Singing Contest for Home and Overseas Students unveiled successfully. Faculty members and students from International Education College, the sponsorof the event, all attended the contest, joining them were Bian Jing, Party Secretary of the CPC Committee of Southwest University for Nationalities, and Wang Yongzheng, Vice President of the university.  

Nearly 30 contestants from different departments, including International Education College, Graduate School, School of Preparatory Courses, Law School, and College of Management, participated in the contest.With well-prepared performances, they managed to turn an intense contest into a beautiful concert. Everyone in the audience was deeply impressed and moved, cheers and applause never seemed to stop. In the end, Ye Wen, from International Education College, reaped the champion of Home Student Group with her passionate interpretation of“Mercy”; and the first place of Overseas Student Group went to Yang Kang Hyuck from South Korea for his breathtaking“There Is a Place”.Youth’s all-time favorite, the song“Friends”,presented by Class One Mid-Level Australian division, concluded the event perfectly.  

The Singing Contest for Home and Overseas Students has become anannual acoustic feast for the university, as well as a brand-promoting opportunity for International Education College. Both home students and overseas students benefit greatly from the language and cultural exchanges generated by the event. It also presents an arena for promoting traditional Chinese culture and helps foster an inclusive and healthy cultural environment in the university.  

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