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Excellent Student Counselors Gathered to Share Work Experience
March 13, 2015  Hit:[]


Representatives of Excellent Student Counselors attended a forum at Wu Hou Campus to exchange their ideasand experience on how to improve the service for students. The speakers are: Chen Ruxin, the student counselor of the school of foreign languages as well as the nominee of the 2009 National Excellent Counselors Award; Fang Xiaowu, the student counselor of the school of Tourism, History, and Culture as well as thenominee of the 2011 National Excellent Counselors Award; Wu Shuchi, one of the Top 10 Student Counselors of SWUN on behalf of the School of Economics, as wellas the Winner of the Award of Excellency at the 2nd National Competition of Student Counselors’Professional Skills; and Arken·kurban, a newly recruited student counselor.     

At the forum, Head of the Personnel Department pointed out that the student counselors are playing anextremely important part in helping students attain their goals and overcome difficulties arising from their day-to-day life and that every student counselor is obliged to improve his/her capacities to offer better service byfull devotion to their work and research. The supervisor in charge of the Department of Student Affairs passed on the greetings from Bian Jing, Party Secretary of the CPC Committee of SWUN and Zeng Ming, President of SWUN. Healso encouraged the student counselors to make greater achievements in 2015 bystriving to be “industrious, decent, discerning and sincere”. In addition, hecalled for the enthusiasm, dedication and wholeheartedness of the student counselors as well as boldness in their exploring efforts and practical work ina bid to cultivate more talents for minority areas.     

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