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CommitteeMember of State Ethnic Affairs Commission Inspected SWUN
March 13, 2015  Hit:[]

Guan Peijun, Committee Member of State Ethnic Affairs Commission inspected SWUN on February 8, 2015. Guan firstpaid a visit to Airport Campus where he inspected the Experiment Buildings fundedby National Development andReform Commission and the Center of Ethnic Languages and Literatures; then he came to Wu Hou Campuswhere he visited Gao Xiaohua Gallery and the Ethnic Museum. In the Conference Hall of the Ethnic Museum, he watched the video exhibiting features and strengths of SWUN and listened to the reports on the operation of thisuniversity.

Guanpointed out that SWUN has produced a great number of outstanding people for thesocial and economic development of the minority areas as well as the country asa whole for the past 64 years. He stressed that SWUN should take the spirit ofGeneral Secretary Xi Jinping’s speeches and that of the Central Conference on Ethnic Affairs as the guidance to further optimize the development of disciplines and majors in line with the actual circumstances of southwestern China, having a clear picture and a full control of the direction and aims ofuniversity’s educational operation.   

BianJing, Party Secretary of the CPC Committee of SWUN, Zeng Ming, President of SWUN, Ding Keyi, Vice President of SWUN and Liu Wenzhi, Vice Director of Ethnicand Religious Affairs Commission of Sichuan Province accompanied Guan in his inspection.   


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