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Lectures of “International Tourism” Held
May 8, 2017  Hit:[]

SMU News, Apr. 10 Recently, a lecture series on “International Tourism”, hosted by the Office of international Cooperation and Exchange and undertaken by the School of Tourism, History and Culture, was held in the Hangkonggang Campus. Mrs. Jacqui Jones from the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, accepted the invitation and gave students of School of Tourism, History and Culture two lectures on “Myths and Legends of Wales (Tourist Activities in Wales)” and “The Learning Experience of International Tourism” occurring in the classroom HZ-102 and Lecture Hall respectively. Before the lecture, La Mingqing, the president of School of Tourism, History and Culture, introduced the lectures’ background, explained its practical significance, and presented Mrs. Jacqui a blue hada standing for eternity and respect.
During lectures, Mrs. Jacqui Jones vividly introduced epic stories, beautiful natural sceneries, elegant human landscapes and Welsh intelligent ecological concepts. As for international tourism, Mrs. Jacqui focused on the importance of serving customers and meeting needs of customers in tourism industry. She came up with a special tourism with consulting projects as its core, aiming to take academic researches and make skill training simultaneously. In the end, Mrs. Jacqui introduced the University of Wales Trinity Saint David with amiable voice and dramatic examples. She encouraged students to go outside the classroom and improve their practical ability, thus knowing better about tourism in practice.
After lectures, Mrs. Jacqui Jones took many interactions with students in such a harmonious atmosphere. Students also said they not only had a better knowledge of international tourism, but saw a beautiful Wales full of passion.

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