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SMU Spring Athletics Games in 2019 Opens
April 22, 2019  Hit:[]

SMU News, April 12 This morning, SMU Spring Track and Field Games in 2019 opened at the South District Stadium of the Airport Campus. School leaders: Yang Min, Zeng Ming, Wang Yongzheng, En Jia, Zhang Mingshan, Wang Wei, Bao Lina, members of the Organizing Committee of the Games and related functional departments attended the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was presided over by Vice President Wang Yongzheng.
Along with the magnificent and powerful athletes' march music, the national flag escorts walked through the podium at a firm and forceful pace to be reviewed. Then the school flag team, the red flag team, and the flower team, the athletes and the team of referees, composed of teachers and students of the School of Physical Education, marched past the podium in turn.
Immediately followed by the alumni team, a deeply affectionate song, I and my motherland, opened the opening ceremony of the prelude. The teachers and students team from various schools, briskly, kept their heads high across the podium, with a uniform pace to show the vitality, self-confidence and enthusiasm of the students and teachers of SMU. The teams also performed well-prepared programs: unique folk dance and vibrant modern dance lit the whole audience again and again, showing the vitality of youth, brimming with vitality. This year,for the first time, the opening ceremony of the University Games also provided live coverage on internet with five high-definition machines, immediately releasing to schools and outside. There were more than 100,000 watchers during the live broadcast.
At the end of the solemn flag-raising ceremony, En Jia, Vice-President and Director of SMU Sports Committee, delivered an opening speech. He said that for a long time, SMU has been attaching importance to physical education, paying attention to sports, so that students, on the basis of happy learning and healthy life, have grown into an all-round development of outstanding personnel. Colorful sports activities have become an important carrier and platform for school physical education, campus culture construction and national unity and progress. The atmosphere of loving sports, advocating sports, and being healthy and positive has came into being. It is hoped that all teachers and students will take the opportunity of the Games to enrich and carry forward the spirit of "Respect each other, learn from each other and live in harmony, be self-confidence and be self-improvement" in the process of realizing the sports dream.
Li Le, the athlete's representative, and Li Weihua, the referee's representative, swore that they would welcome the competition with a warm and full attitude, carry forward the Olympic spirit, strive to carry forward the spirit of "Friendship first, Competition second," and play out the style and level of competition. They would strictly abide by the rules of the game in a fair, open, and fair adjudication way.
Yang Min, secretary of SMU Party committee, announced the opening of the Spring Athletics Games in 2019 of SMU.
After the opening ceremony, Zeng Ming, President of SMU, issued an order with a starting gun, then some of the school's teachers and students, alumni and teams began to jog healthily around the university.

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