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Professor Daniel Berg and Professor James M.Tien, academician of the American Academy of Engineering, were invited to SMU to give an academic report.
May 17, 2019  Hit:[]

SMU News, May. 10 On May 10 th, Professor Daniel Berg and Professor James M.Tien, academician of the American Academy of Engineering, were invited to SMU for academic visits and exchanges. Liu Yubin, deputy secretary of the SMU party committee and president of SMU, met with Professor Daniel Berg, Professor James M.Tien and his entourage. The two sides had in-depth exchanges on deepening academic cooperation.

Subsequently, two professors gave an academic report entitled “Convergence to Real-TimeDecision Making”, which was attended by more than 200 teachers and graduates representatives. During the lecture, the two professors brought about discussions on big data, system engineering, the Internet of things and the management of emerging technologies, which were rich in content and profound in thought.

Starting from the history of the development of science and technology, Professor Daniel Berg analyzed the emergence and management of the main technologies in history, introduced the basic ideas and theories related to the management of new technologies, and discussed the key parameters of new technologies. Thus, the influence of system engineering and big data technology on various products and services, as well as the great benefits brought by Internet of things technology, were introduced.

Professor James M.Tien made some thoughts on big data and the Internet of things. He mainly analyzed the impact of big data's analytical technology, adaptive services, digital manufacturing industry, and big data on products and services, including the challenges and great opportunities brought by big data, and limitations in the utilization of big data. This lecture not only imparts the basic knowledge of big data, the Internet of things and artificial intelligence to our teachers and students, but also provides us with international guidance for the research in related fields.

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Professor James M.Tien is an internationally renowned scholar and educator, an academician of the National Academy of Engineering, an outstanding professor and dean of the School of Engineering of University of Miami. Graduated from MIT with master's and doctorate degrees in electronic engineering, he is one of the most prestigious academicians of the National Academy of Engineering of the United States. He acted as some important positions such as Vice Chairman, Chairman of the Executive Committee, Chairman of the Product Committee, Chairman of the Journal Committee of the (IEEE) General Assembly of the International Association of Electrical and Electronic Engineers , and leadership positions of Bell telephone Lab and Rand Company.
Professional field: The development and application of long-term intelligent manufacturing and management decision-making. All kinds of teaching and research awards have been awarded, including being selected as the academician of IEEE, INFORMS and AAAS, and the IEEEJoseph G. Wohl Distinguished Professional Award, the IEEE Major Education Innovation Award, the IEEENorbert Wiener Award , the IBM Teacher's Award, and so on.

Daniel Berg is an academician of the National Academy of Engineering, an outstanding research professor of School of Engineeringat of University of Miami , and a winner of the Yale Belden Mathematics Award. Daniel Berg received a bachelor's degree in physics and chemistry from City University in New York and a master's and doctorate in physics and chemistry from Yale University. He acted as the Director of Westinghouse Electrical Technology, Dean of Natural Science School and provost of Carnegie Mellon University, President of Rensler Institute of Technology, Dean and provost of Rensler Institute of Technology, etc. He is a lifelong member of the Association of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, a member of the Association of Operational Research and Management and a member of the United States for the Promotion of Science, editor of the International Journal of Service Technology and Management. He has published more than 10 monographs, published more than 50 papers in Nature, Harvard Business Review and other magazines, and has won 15 American patents and many foreign patents.
Professional field: application of computer technology in service industry.

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