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The Opening Ceremony and Military Training Mobilization Conference for Freshmen of Grade 2019 Held in SMU
September 23, 2019  Hit:[]

SMU News, September 6th Chengdu will start a splendid episode in September. All freshmen of grade 2019 from all over the world gather in SMU to start their university life. The opening ceremony of SMU for freshmen of grade 2019 was held on Wu Hou campus and Hang Konggang campus respectively this morning.

The opening ceremony on Wu Hou campus

The opening ceremony on Hang Konggang campus

University leaders: Yang Min, Wang Yong, Zhang Mingshan, San Lang Zha Xi, Bao Lila, Dong Yonghong (the head of People’s Armed Forces Departments of Shuang Liu District) and Long Jian(the head of the students military training colonel) attended the ceremony. San Lang Zha Xi, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of SMU and Vice President of SMU, presided over the ceremony.
With the vigorous and heroic music, all the students and teachers stood up and sang the National Anthem of the People's Republic of China in unison. The freshmen of grade 2019 embarked on a new journey in life under the witness of teachers, relatives and friends. 

Wang Yong, the Vice President of SMU, read out the SMU’s Decision to Honor the Award-wining Students of Scholarships for freshmen of grade 2019. Yang Min (the head of the party committee of SMU) and other university leaders and guests, which attended the ceremony, issued certificates for the award-wining students.

Yang Min (the head of the party committee of SMU) issued certificates for the award-wining students.

Liu Yubin, the President of SMU, delivered a speech entitled Develop Your Ability and Responsibility with “Hard core”. Firstly, on behalf of SMU, he warmly welcomed the freshmen of grade 2019 freshmen and showed sincere respect to their parents and teachers. He pointed out that the period of students in university is a time of metamorphosis that will directly affect or determine the future of them. As a college student, you will have different learning experiences and life perception which would enrich and even change the way of students to think about problems, focus on society and overlook the world.
At the beginning of university life, such a special juncture, Liu Yubin, as the president and teacher, hopes that all of the students can use their ability and responsibility which developed with “hard core” to create a “hard core” life in the era.
He laid out four hopes that he proposed for students. First, everyone should have a dream and set a goal to make our ideal and faith as firm as “hard core”. As an old saying goes, “Heaven is about to place a great responsibility on a great man”, everyone should adhere to the historic mission with unswerving ideals and selfless dedication so as to let youth shine in the pursuit of dreams. Second, everyone should strive with determination and courage to make the fighting power as powerful as “hard core”. He hoped that all students could devote full vitality to stimulate “hard core” potential. He hoped that all students could “fuel” their dreams with “fueling” energy and fighting spirit. Third, everyone should never stop learning and seek truth to make their skills and talents as strong as “hard core”. He hoped that everyone could cherish the college life and be earnest about their studies, traveling from “knowing what” to “knowing why” and from the shallow understanding as “floating light and glimpse” to the deep interpretation as “the moon shadow like a jade submerged in water”, so as to make our real ability and learning to be the solid foundation of “hard core” life. At last, everyone should be persistent and make steady efforts to make their tough volition as tenacious as “hard core”. To live a “hard core” life should rely on daily efforts and perseverance rather than on the spur of the moment to take a shortcut. Youth was accompanied by dreams. The journey of youth was often full of thorns. Even if there were thorns ahead, everyone still had to go through storms and never gave up.

Liu Yubin, the president of Southwest Minzu University, had great expectations and confidence for the freshmen who were about to start a new chapter in their lives. He said, “what does youth mean? It means that, in the most vigorous youth, everyone should climb towards the dream as persistent as “hard core”, just like the creeper is growing up the wall. Ultimately, the green of spring will pave the way of youth.” He hoped that all students could bear in mind the school motto of "forming good habits together to change the social order, being confident and self-reliant". Everyone should never fail to live up to lofty aspirations and always strive with a pure heart. Everyone should earnestly and firmly take every step in university to make “hard core” actions be conscious through the whole life, leaving behind a warm and regretless youth.

President Liu Yubin made a speech.

On the school-opening ceremony, professor Mai Xianming, representative of teachers and national “Ten Thousand Plan” top youth talent and vice-president of Architecture and Urban Planning College, gave us a Chinese old saying: “He who should firstly learn how to be a man, then learns how to acquire something,” as our school-opening-day gift to encourage new students to set a lofty and tolerant ambition and believe they can expand their horizons, improve their ability and start a splendid life in South West Minzu University.

Here came a speech from Mai Xianming, the representative of teachers.

Cui Liang, the alumni representative, chairman of Guizhou Beidou Space Information Technology Co. LTD. and general manager of Zhongke Guizhou Big Data Technology Co. LTD. cited some Chinese old sayings “Soup can be delicious by adding different ingredients in; One may be successful through long-time efforts; If you wish to become a sage, then you might become a sage” as his own inspiration during his past experiences of study and business-starting to encourage the younger freshmen.

Cui Liang, the alumni representative made a speech as well.

Students representatives and freshmen representatives have made a statement on the ceremony respectively, such as Fu Long, who is a Master of Finance of grade 2018, School of Economics; Jike Shalong, majoring in the language and literature of ethnic groups of grade 2015, School of Yi Studies, which once served in the marine corps armed reconnaissance company and was awarded the title of “ outstanding conscript” and awarded once among the brigade; Jia Qinyan, who is a freshman representative and Master of Literature and Art of grade 2019, School of Literature and Journalism, as well as Wei Yini, grade 2019, School of Computer Science and Technology.

A statement given by the student representative.

At the mobilization conference for military training, Yangmin, Secretary of the Party Committee of SMU, awarded the national flag to students’ military training group. Long Jian, the leader of the students’ military training group raised some requirements toward the trainees.

Yang Min, Secretary of the Party Committee of SMU, awarded the national flag to students’ military training group.

Long Jian, the leader of the students’ military training group, has delivered a speech.

After that, the schools opening ceremony came to an end with the youthful school song Hold up the Glory of Tomorrow, sung by everybody. Then, all freshmen of grade 2019 met with their military training instructors and the military training for freshmen had officially started.
Many people have attended the school opening ceremony, such as the leaders of the new students reception leading group and office members, together with the leaders of students’ military training leading group and members, principals and supervisors from each school, as well as the representatives of teachers, alumni and students.

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