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SMU Holding a Flag-raising Ceremony to Celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of New China
October 25, 2019  Hit:[]

SMU News, October 1 In order to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, carry forward the spirit of patriotism in the new era, inspire and lead the majority of young people to devote themselves to the new era and act as a promising young people , Southwest Minzu University held a flag-raising ceremony in the Tengfei square of Hangkonggang campus on the morning of October 1,2019. Yang Min, Wang Yongzheng, En Jia, Zhang Mingshan, Sanlang Zhaxi and Bao Lina ,which are all university leaders, presented at the activity. Heads of the functional departments, teaching auxiliary units and colleges, as well as representatives of teachers and students also attended in the activity. In total there are more than 1200 people. The activity was presided over by Sanlang Zhaxi, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and vice president of the school.
At 8:00 in the morning, the school flag group escorted the national flag, marching to the flag platform with clangorous slogan. Along with solemn national anthem, the groups stood up and salute. The teachers and students on the scene watched the rising flag,fluttering in the wind. After the flag-raising ceremony, Yang Min, the party secretary of school, delivered a speech entitled "Remain true to our original aspiration and bravely undertaking the mission to confess the motherland with struggle" , encouraging the youth not to forget the initial heart of "patriotism", "morality " , "success" and to be a patriotic, diligent and pragmatic, and responsible young man of SMU. We should unswervingly listen to the party, follow the party and combine our life aspiration with country’s future and national destiny. At the same time, we should integrate our own growth into the revitalization of the country, the national rejuvenation, and devote the fervent youth into the service of the motherland, contribution of society. We should examine ourselves with judgment of new era, forge ourselves in the melting pot of new journey, take initiatively to adapt to the development trend of new era, read more, read well, seek truth, understand truth and strive to grow into a person who are responsible to themselves, useful to society and loyal to the country. We should start it form ourselves, start bit by bit, start now, and explore in the innovation, achieve goals in the creating excellence, and write a wonderful chapter of life in the practice of motherland’s soaring and national revitalization.
As student representatives, Tang Menglu, Yang Hu and Xierbaiti Alibiyati have spoken to call on the youth of all ethnic groups to be responsible and dedicated ,willing to make efforts not only to fulfill their dreams, but also to the development of the school, the prosperous of our homeland and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.
After the flag-raising ceremony, the secretary of the communist youth league of SMU, Aga Yibu, said that this kind of education enables young people of all ethnic groups to feel a sense of patriotic pride and honor. Zhang Tingting, secretary of the youth league committee of the art college, thinks that this is a vivid patriotic ideological and political education; Li Yingjie, monitor of the national flag class, thinks that he wishes the motherland happy birthday by raising the flag, which makes him very proud; "When the five-starred red flag rises slowly and all the teachers and students sing the national anthem together, I feef proud to have many patriotic compatriots and feel lucky to be a member of this striving group", said Ya Juan, a freshman of the school of literature and journalism.

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