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"Colorful Minda: A Blend of Diverse Cultures" —— our school holds the 4th International Cultural Festival
November 29, 2019  Hit:[]

SMU News November 19th On November 19th, the 4th International Cultural Festival of our school was held in the airport campus. The theme of this year's International Cultural Festival is "Colorful Minda: A Blend of Diverse Cultures". It was co-sponsored by the Division of International Cooperation and Exchange, the School League Committee, and organized by the Student International Exchange Association and the School Student Union.

At the opening ceremony, Zhang Mingshan, member of the school’s party committee and vice president, delivered a speech. He pointed out that the International Cultural Festival provided a good platform for in-depth exchanges and mutual learning between Chinese and foreign students. The International Institute of Education and the Xingrong Community Institute of Xiaojiahe cooperated to carry out the teaching practice base award. The song and dance show, performed by Chinese and foreign students, made the audience experience the beauty of the dynamic and static combination of the cultural collisions of different countries. Korean and Sri Lankan students' songs in their own language had a long string of beauty, but they were also lively and beautiful. Chinese and foreign students performed jazz, classical, hip-hop dances together. The yoga performances of international students in India were peaceful and quiet. At the end of the program, international students and Chinese students from more than 10 countries including the United Kingdom, Laos, Mexico, the United States, France, and Indonesia together, they brought clothing exhibitions from various countries, showed the multicultural characteristics of each country, and painted beautiful scenery of colorful people's congresses.

After the opening ceremony, the International Cultural Festival was officially launched. In the booth areas of various countries, students from 19 countries around the world demonstrated the unique culture and customs of their country or nation through poster panels, physical objects, game activities, gourmet parkway, dance performances and other forms. American hamburgers, Indonesian curries, Korean rice cakes, Irish specialties ... a lot of mouth-watering food. Folk instrumental music, folk songs and dances, costume shows, Chinese sugar painting and paper cutting ... all made people dizzying. The cultures of different countries complemented each other and were fully integrated. Gastronomy, crowds, gathered into a sea of passion, played a musical movement.

It is reported that the International Cultural Festival is an annual event for Chinese and foreign students in our school. Different skin colors, different costumes, different languages, and different cultures, but they all have the same identity----- the students of SMU. They used diverse cultures to depict the colorful Minda, built a rich international campus culture of Minda, and promoted deep intercultural communication and understanding between Chinese and foreign students.

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