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Professor Zhang Yicheng, from University of Fribourg, Switzerland, invited by School of Computer Science, gives an academic presentation at SMU
January 16, 2020  Hit:[]

SMU News Jan 9th OnJanuary 8, professorZhangYicheng,fromdepartment of physics at the university ofFreiburg,Switzerland, brought an academic report entitled "Arrival of Intelligent Personal Assistants" to the graduate student of the school of computer science and technology at the wuhou campus. Thelecturewas chaired by Professor Cui Mengtian and was attended by more than 70 faculty and students.

Professor Zhang, on the arrival of the Smart Private Assistant (PA), describedthe current situation of PA, the mechanism, the consumer market, how to start,the opportunities and risks. Professor Zhang pointed out that PA is the information manager, the expansion and extension of people's mental power, and PA can understand, record and analyze all aspects of people. In the current business model, merchants actively push content to users, but eventuallyitwill evolve into PA’sactively pullingcontent to users, which is more in line with and appropriate to the needs of users. In addition, PA connects all peopleandall people's needs, and serves you and me at the same time.

After the lecture, Professor Zhang began an academic discussion and answered the students' questions. The report gives students a better understanding of PA and broadens their horizons and knowledge.

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