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​ Flood-fighting Youth Li Ji: the road to public welfare, once started, it would be a long journey
September 22, 2020  Hit:[]

SMU News on September 20, 2020. He said : " My name is Li Ji. Ji means my hometown of Hebei, but also it is my parents' expectations for my future, and then I gave it a third meaning: I hope, through my own actions, that I will bring hope to other people's lives ." Library volunteers, wetland emissary action, free blood donation for 49 times, disaster relief after the earthquake, Sichuan-Chongqing flood-fighting action... Treading water against the current, Li Ji has been walking on the road.

Li Ji, Man, Chinese Communist Party member, a graduate of business administration in 2015, is majoring in subject teaching (ideological and political). He also acts as the student union president of Marxism School. Meanwhile, he has served as deputy secretary of the College League Committee, League branch secretary and other student cadres, won 5 national awards ,4 provincial awards, and more than 30 school awards. During the university time, he actively participated in volunteer activities, participated in free blood donation for 49 times, and he was appointed as "The first batch of free blood donation propaganda ambassador in Sichuan Province ", and he won the" National Free Blood Donation Award ". He is currently deputy captain of the Panda Rescue Team of Sichuan Science and Technology Poverty Alleviation Foundation.

At 05:00 on August 18,2020, Sichuan launched the 1st level flood prevention emergency response for the first time in history, and the whole country focused on the flood situation in Sichuan. As early as June 15, the Sichuan Science and Technology Poverty Alleviation Foundation launched an emergency response, and immediately launched a Sichuan-Chongqing joint disaster relief operation, and arranged for the Sichuan Panda Rescue team to immediately enter a standby state, urgently reserving relief supplies and assisting the affected people in Sichuan and Chongqing.

As a deputy team leader, Li Ji should keep an eye on the weather changes and related early warning information in Sichuan province every day during the preparation period, and convey the relevant information of the important areas of concern in time, and assist in the loading and unloading of materials to provide strong support for the disaster areas. In addition, as a backup member of the rescue team, he also needs to be responsible for punching in online, filling out the standby log, and provide the feedback of the daily standby situation to the disaster relief center.

After the domestic epidemic stabilized, Li Ji went to Gongxian County, Yibin City, and participated in 7 post-disaster reconstruction activities before and after. After returning to Chengdu, he donated blood for four times, free of charge. The volunteer experience at school made him firm :" we should go out and get more in touch with the world, understand the world, and slowly change the world ". 2020 is a difficult year. Being in the face of difficulties, Li Ji upstreams and firmly walks on the road to further public welfare.

Speaking of "volunteer ", Li Ji talked about two things; the first thing is the death of relatives. In senior three, because of studying at shool, he did not attend upon his dying grandpa, which made him very sad. Li Ji did not know the meaning of life at that time, and he thought ," decades later, I will leave the world like grandpa, in the tears of my loved ones and into a handful of yellow soil. After a hundred years, in addition to relatives, who will remember me? So what is the meaning of my coming to this world? What can I leave to the world ?"

Dream Tour said :" When the last person in the world to remember you also leaves, that is time when you really die in the world ." At that time, Li Ji thought: when people live in the world, they should always do something meaningful, so the voluntary seeds quietly plant in Li Ji's heart.

Another thing is a public welfare news: a seven-year-old son died in a car accident, in order to meet his son's wishes, at the expense of a lot of money to maintain the son's heart beat, his father donated his son’s body to the people in need, finally, six people were reborn. It is this news that makes Li Ji realize that after a person’s death, he can still exist in another meaningful way. Therefore, the voluntary seeds slowly sprout in Li Ji's heart.

Duing the evening self-study in high school, full of heart he wrote the five things in the diary solemnly which he must do in his life: free blood donation for whole life, organ donation, long-term education support, take good care of parents and the future "she ".

After the college entrance examination, Li Ji's first thing to do was to run to the blood donation car to donate blood. Due to the long-term sleep shortage and physical fitness, the blood test is not qualified.The second blood donation before going to college ended in failure for the same reason. Until 2016, Li Ji once again plucked up the courage to walk into the blood donation car on the streets of Chengdu , this time, and he successfully donated his first whole blood!

In order to be able to donate blood for a long time, he insisted on exercise, rain and shine; in order to donate blood successfully, he wrote a memorandum of blood donation date and began to adjust his schedule two days before donating blood; he became a "fixed blood donor volunteer" in the blood center.

Some students can not understand about Li Ji’s adhering to blood donation, and asked him exactly for what? He said ," The blood I donate each time can save the lives of two people, and every time I give blood, two people will live. In my heart, this is a great cause ."

Between the 49 blood donation cards and a lot of catheters, the link is alive. Li Ji's deeds have won the special reports of many mainstream media, such as, People's Net, Voice of China, etc., and he won the National Health Commission's "Free Blood donation Award ", and became " the first batch of free blood donation propaganda ambassador in Sichuan Province ".

The first heart sprouted in high school, and he practiced in university, from the youth volunteer service team of the college to being eager to see the outside world, during the university years, Li Ji's has done the voluntary activities from the basin to the plateau, from the city to the Tibetan area.

He remembered that his first volunteer activity was at the Sichuan Library. Later he entered the outdoor cross-country circle, as a cross-country volunteer, he has worked for 5 years. In the summer of 2017, he attended the World Wide Fund for Nature's 2017 Wetland Messenger. After returning from Hongyuan to Chengdu, Jiuzhaigou experienced an earthquake. Because of this chance, Li Ji signed up for the Sichuan Panda Rescue team in September of the same year, and he insisted step by step until now.

"The volunteer experience at school made me firm: we should go out and get in touch with the world, understand it, and slowly change it ." Li Ji said that along the way he met too many kind people, but he also met a lot of peers, precisely because of their encouragement and company on the way forward, he can insist step by step to the present.

After joining the panda rescue team, Li Ji was most impressed by the Yibin earthquake in June last year. The night of the earthquake he received a call from the rescue team, the captain and he drove to Yibin to participate in disaster relief at once. There were two large aftershocks, when he stood in the middle of the playground of Shuanghe Town School. For the first time he felt the danger, he said ," This is the first time I've felt that much shock ."

It was because of the disaster relief that Li Ji failed to attend the only undergraduate graduation ceremony in his life. When the principal mentioned him, he was fighting on the front line of earthquake relief. "I'm not sorry, because I think this is a special graduation ."

After the report of free blood donation and "gaining popularity ", he admitted :" The public opinion has a little influence on me at first, and I received positive and negative comments on the Internet. At that time I still felt quite uncomfortable, and there is a little fear of the media and public opinion, and then I slowly adjusted over. I think it is because of these public opinion doubts and arguments, I have to stick to do it. I want to change a person with volunteerism, to change some people, and even to change a generation.

Talking about how to balance the relationship between public welfare and learning, Li Ji said he was not high achiever. He was just an ordinary normal person with many shortcomings ." But one thing must be clear: learning is very important. Students' first task is to finish their studies and volunteer on this premise, because only after you learn a lot of knowledge and skills can you volunteer better. Learning and public welfare do not have to be divided into a position, they can be combined ."

He thinks there is still an unknown number about where and what to do in the future, but one thing is certain, that is ," no matter what career, where and what I do in the future, I will stick to volunteering ". Under the influence of Li Ji, every boy in his undergraduate department has gone to the blood center to volunteer, and more teachers and students have also participated in the volunteer service.

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