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Our University Has Launched Pre-job Training for New Teachers of 2020
September 22, 2020  Hit:[]

SMU News on September 14, 2020. The Teacher and Teaching Development Center organized pre-job training for new teachers of 2020 in the Academic Report Hall of the southern part of the library in Hangkonggang campus from September 12 to September 13 to streng then the construction of teaching staff, help new teachers to understand and integrate into work and campus life faster and better, build a sense of community of the Chinese nation, and to firmly establish the belief in dedication to the cause of national higher education.

This training was carried out by a combination of special lectures and on-site teaching, and former leaders, responsible comrades from relevant departments of the Party Committee Teacher Work Department, the Academic Affairs Office, the Science and Technology Office, the Humanities and Social Science Office, the Library, the Information and Education Technology Center, and the School of Philosophy, as well as experts from the School of Marxism and the School of Electrical Engineering who gave special lectures were invited. The content involved the history and conditions of the university, professional ethics of teachers and the education of the Chinese national community awareness, ethnic theories and policies, personnel and teaching related management regulations, integrity education of scientific research,characteristics of humanities and social science research, information security of the campus network and the use of the multimedia teaching resource, literature resources and its utilization in the library, methods of making electronic courseware and sharing of teaching experience. The on-site teaching took a decentralized form, and teachers visited the campus history museum and ethnic museum on the spot.

The two-day training was rich in content and covered a wide range of areas. The teachers participating in the training said that it has been very rewarding and would play a positive role in the faster integration of new teachers into school work and life.

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