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Experiencing Han suit culture, making grass lanterns to welcome the Mid-Autumn Festival------International Education College organized international students to carry out traditional Chinese cultural experience activities
October 21, 2020  Hit:[]

SMU News on 12th Oct. On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, International Education College organized more than 20 Chinese and foreign students from more than 10 countries to experience traditional Chinese culture. The Collegestrictly limited the number of participants in the activities in accordance with the requirements of SMU, and actively carried out offline practical activities under the premise of good epidemic prevention and control measures.

The theme of the activity was "Experiencing the culture of Han suit and making grass lanterns to welcome the Mid-Autumn Festival". Chinese and foreign students wore Han suit, tasted mooncakes and made grass lanterns, followed the instructor to learn the basic etiquette of Han, Jin, Tang, Ming and other dynasties, experienced the different flavors of mooncakes, which was to help each other deepen the practice of cross-cultural communication during the process of making grass lanterns. As the grass lamps, which were made by Chinese and foreign students, were lit, the festive atmosphere was pushed to a climax.

Bai Ying, a French student who used to be a traditional fashion designer, had an in-depth exchange with the Han suit designer on the production process and materials of Han suit. Mexican students were very nostalgic for the Han suit they wore, and they were unwilling to take it off at the end of the event. Haitian students said that today’s event was very meaningful, and they must sign up for the next opportunity. At the end of the activity, the students were still full of thoughts, reminiscing about the activity with excitement. This practical activity allowed the international students to have an in-depth perception of Chinese traditional culture, improved their ability to use Chinese, and greatly promoted the interaction between Chinese and foreign students.

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