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SMU Achieves Great Success in the Comprehensive Ability Competition of Engineering Training for College Students in Sichuan Province 2020
November 30, 2020  Hit:[]

SMU News on November 18. From November 13 to November 15, the comprehensive ability competition of engineering training for college students in Sichuan Province 2020 was held in Southwest University of Science and Technology. A total of 970 students from 453 participating teams from 30 undergraduate and higher vocational colleges in Sichuan Province participated in the competition of potential energy drive vehicle, thermal energy drive vehicle, engineering culture, intelligent logistics handling, intelligent classification of domestic waste, intelligent distribution UAV and digitization of engineering scene. This is the first time for SMU’s industrial training innovation team to participate in the competition. We have selected six teams to take part in this competition. Through teamwork and cooperation, the student team under the guidance of teachers Long Ling, Deng Yansong and Wang Huazhang has won 1 second and 3 third prizes, among them, 1 second and 2 third intelligent logistics handling prize, 1 third Garbage intelligent classification prize, and 1 second digitization of engineering scene prize.

Since the establishment of the competition, the students of industrial training innovation team has studied hard under the careful instruction of the tutors, which not only exercise the practical ability and cultivate the comprehensive ability of engineering projects, but also lay a solid foundation for the innovative teaching of engineering training in Southwest Minzu University.

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