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School of Law
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The school has been consistently acting on the notion that “Teaching Drives Scientific Research and Scientific Research Improves Teaching, therefore creating mutual benefits and optimized effects”. The school has seven teaching and research sections respectively on jurisprudence and legal history, constitutional law and administrative law, civil and commercial law, economic law, criminal law, international law, and litigation law. In addition, the school also has such research institutes as Ethnic Law Research Institute, Constitutional System Research Center, and Environment and Resources Protection Law Research Center. With an enthusiastic dedication to teaching and research, the faculty has made remarkable achievements. In recent years, they have directed and participated in 48 teaching and research projects at the provincial and ministerial levels or above, including four sub-projects of the Key Projects of the National Social Sciences Fund, and five projects of the National Social Sciences Fund. Furthermore, the faculty has won 18 teaching and research awards at the provincial and ministerial levels or above. Meanwhile, the faculty publishes more than 30 works and textbooks and over 300 academic papers. Besides, they have developed four provincial premium courses and seven campus-level premium courses. Twenty-three members of the faculty have won an array of awards at the university level, including the Teaching Quality Award; First Prize, Second Prize, and Third Prize of the Young Teacher Lecturing Skill Contest and Electronic Courseware Contest; and the title of Outstanding Director for the Teaching and Research Office. In addition, the Teaching and Research Office of Jurisprudence and Legal History is recognized as the Outstanding Teaching and Research Office by the university.

As the school places enormous emphasis on the education of law professionals, the graduates are highly favored by employers; among them are representatives to the National People’s Congress, national experts on trial, national procuratorial experts, national model judges, and national outstanding judges.

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