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School of Sociology and Psychology
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The School of Sociology and Psychology is a teaching and research unit with its discipline oriented toward the application of science so as to accommodate the needs arising from social development. It currently comprises the Department of Sociology, the Department of Psychology, the Mental Health Education Center, the Psychology Institute, the Minority Women/Social Sexuality Institute, and the Cross-culture Sociological and Psychological Research Center. Among the 40 faculty members, 9 hold senior professional titles, 5 are supervisors of postgraduates, 18 hold and 3 are pursuing doctorates. A number of faculty members hold positions in Chinese Sociological Association, Chinese Psychological Society, Chinese Society of Education, and Chinese Association for Mental Health.  

The school offers three undergraduate programs, namely, Social Work, Applied Psychology, and Sociology, and a postgraduate program in Community Management, and two postgraduate programs in Campus Mental Health Education Research and Social Culture Research under the Postgraduate Program in Ideological and Political Education. Currently, over 900 undergraduates and postgraduates are studying at the school. Social work is a featured undergraduate program in Sichuan Province, in addition to 10 provincial-and-university-level quality courses in psychology and social work. In terms of research, the faculty members direct 15 national research projects, 7 provincial and ministerial research projects, 5 university-level research projects and 12 crosswise research projects. Correspondingly, the faculty members have published more than 10 academic works and translation works, as well as over 200 academic papers, exhibiting their achievements in such fields as cultural sociology, social work on ethnicities, mental health of minorities, and ethnopsychology. In respect of social services, the Mental Health Educational Center is responsible for mental health education throughout the university, while providing mental health service to the elementary and secondary schools, cadres, and grassroots in minority areas.  

The school has won an array of titles such as “National ‘March 8’ Red Flag Unit” and National “Advanced Unit of College Mental Health Education”. The faculty members have been recognized as “National Outstanding Teachers,” “Advanced Individuals of College Mental Health Education,” and “Experts with Outstanding Contributions in Sichuan Province”. In addition, they have received 18 provincial and university level teaching and research awards.  

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