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School of Arts
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The school has developed exchanging and cooperating relations with international and domestic art-related organizations, including the Faculty of Art & Design of the University of Wales, South Korean Society of Fine Arts, China Nationalities Orchestra Society, China Ethnic Song and Dance Ensemble, Art Troupe of the Political Department of Tibet Military Region, Beijing Dance Academy, the Animation School of Beijing Film Academy, the School of Fine Arts, the School of Music and the School of Dancing of Minzu University of China, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, the Art College of Sichuan University, Sichuan Conservatory of Music, Sichuan Art Vocational College, Sichuan Artists Association, Musicians Association of Sichuan Province, and Sichuan Dancers Association. Furthermore, the School has established the cooperation modes of “3+1” (Joint-undergraduate Program) and “1+1” (Joint- Postgraduate Program) with the University of Wales. Thanks to the “War Flag Class” as a cooperative program with the War Flag Art Troupe of the Political Department of Chengdu Military Region and the high-caliber artist development partnership with China Ethnic Song and Dance Ensemble, graduates of the school are prioritized when these organizations recruit new members.  

The school provides students with well-equipped teaching buildings (including Xinyun, Shenyun, Wuyun, Qinyun, and Sculpture Buildings) and the New Star Theatre & Music Hall. In addition, the school offers modern facilities required for art education and all-range equipment for internship and practice. Internship bases jointly established with China Ethnic Song and Dance Ensemble, the War Flag Art Troupe of the Political Department of Chengdu Military Region, Sichuan Fine Arts Publishing House, Ethnic Publishing House and Sichuan Song and Dance Theatre are available for the students. There are also well-functioning teaching and practise bases in such world-famous scenic spots as Jiuzhai, Huanglong, and Dayatang of Danling.  

To serve the goal of SWUN to build a first-class modern university for nationalities with its own characteristics, the school aims to become a first-class art school characterized by the top quality in both artistic achievements and students’ competitiveness. By attaching great importance to the coordination of teaching, research, creation, and performance, the school strives to develop into a featured and outstanding art school, influential both regionally and nationally.  

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