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School of Tibetology​
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The School of Tibetology, formerly known as the Department of Tibetology (set up in 1951), was founded in April, 2003. With the Tibetan language and literature as the disciplinary foundation and core, the school specializes in a wide range of Tibetology-related disciplines, thus serving as a cradle for high-caliber talents in Tibetan areas.  

Currently, 923 undergraduates and 82 postgraduates are studying at the school including Tibetan, Tu, Lisu, Naxi, and Mongolian minorities as well as Han students. Among the 39 faculty members, 10 are professors, 6 are associate professors, and 2 are PhD supervisors; 10 hold doctorates and 19 hold master’s degrees. In addition, one faculty members is an expert entitled to a special allowance granted by the State Council, one is selected as an Academic and Technical Leader of Sichuan Province, and one is an expert on the Course Planning Review Panel of the National Social Sciences Fund, one is recognized as an Outstanding Worker by the State Ethnic Affairs Commission, one is among Outstanding Teachers of Sichuan Province, and two are recognized as Outstanding Teachers of the university.  

The program in the Tibetan language and literature is a key discipline recognized by the State Ethnic Affairs Commission and Sichuan Province, as well as a featured program for further development recognized by the Ministry of Education. The school currently offers three Secondary Master’s Degree programs in the Tibetan language and culture, logic, and Indian language and literature. Four undergraduate programs, namely, the Tibetan language and culture, ethnology, Tibetan medicine, and cultural industry management, are available as well. The program in the Tibetan language and culture comprises three sub-programs, namely, the Tibetan language and culture, the Sino-Tibetan bilingual administration, and Tibetology.  

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