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School of Management
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Guided by the education policies and ethnic policies of the CPC, the School of Management, one of the earliest schools of Southwest University for Nationalities (SWUN), boasts a well-structured faculty,competitive in management-related studies, capable of high-quality teaching and excellent in cutting-edge scientific research. For the past six decades, the school has educated up to 10,000 undergraduates and postgraduates for the Party and government offices, commercial businesses, teaching and research institutions, and large and medium-sized enterprises in the minority areas of Southwest China and across the country.   

In addition to the Doctoral program in economics for Chinese minorities (in collaboration with the Academy of Southwest Minority Research), the school offers three Primary Master’s Degree programs in management, namely, management science and engineering, business administration, and public administration. There are eight academically oriented Master’s Degree programs in corporate management, administrative management, management science and engineering, educational economy and management, accounting, land resources management, social security, and technical economics and management. There are also four profession-orientated Master’s Degree programs in business administration (MBA), public administration (MPA), engineering (project management), and agro-technical promotion (development of rural areas). In terms of undergraduate programs, seven areas are available, namely, business administration, marketing, accounting, financial management, human resources management, administrative management, and public service administration. As a College-level Education and Training Base for Cadres of Sichuan, the school is furnished with a modern management lab and a MBA lab. The School currently has 12 doctoral students, 525 postgraduate students (247 academically oriented and 278 profession-oriented), and 2,312 undergraduates.

Among the 94 full-time and part-time faculty members, 13 are professors and 29 associate professors. Moreover, 33 hold or are studying for doctoral degrees; 90% of the faculty members hold master’s degrees. In addition to Academician Li Jingwen and another 24 domestic and foreign visiting professors, the school has one PhD supervisors, 25 postgraduate student supervisors, one Expert with Outstanding Contributions in Sichuan Province, and three reserve candidates for Academic and Technical Leaders of Sichuan Province. In addition, the school has two experts working for the Organization Department of Sichuan Provincial CPC Committee on the assessment of cadres, and two members in the Sichuan Post-disaster Restoration and Reconstruction Expert Service Team.   

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