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School of Management
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The school comprises five departments, namely, business administration, marketing, accounting and financial management, human resources management, and public administration. Meanwhile, the School has six research institutes, namely, Public Policy Analysis Institute, Applied Marketing Institute, Management Science and Engineering Institute, Human Resources Institute, Chinese Enterprise Marketing Research Center, and West China Human Resources Development Center. Over the past five years, the faculty has directed four projects of the National Social Sciences Fund and accomplished 11 projects of the National Social Sciences Fund, the National Natural Science Fund, and the National Soft Sciences Program. In addition, the faculty has directed 50 research projects at the provincial (ministerial) level. The painstaking efforts have won them 13 awards at the provincial and ministerial levels or above; and more than 40 academic works and textbooks, as well as more than 300 academic papers, have been published.   

The school attaches great importance to fostering well-rounded quality, practical abilities, and innovative spirit in the students, thus achieving significant results in this regard. Since the establishment of the school, more than 30 innovative projects completed by the students have won the First Prize in the National Challenge Cup for College Students, and the students have also won Team Championship of Global Management Challenge (GMC) many times. In January 2010, the school won the First and the Second place of the 30th GMC China Division and received great honor at the finals in Russia on behalf of the China Division.   

Motivated by discipline development, the school has built an educational mode focusing equally on knowledge, ability, and quality on the part of the students, thus creating a rich cultural atmosphere while establishing a good social image and a broad international vision. Currently, the school has developed into a key base for fostering high-caliber specialized management talents for West China and minority areas so as to meet the social development in the 21st century.

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