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School of Economics
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Southwest University for Nationalities (SWUN) initiated disciplines in economics in the early 1950s, when the pioneering scholars conducted economic and social investigations in the minority areas of Tibetan, Yi, and Qiang minorities. With abundant first-hand data, they published a series of works and investigation reports that bore fruitful results. Meanwhile, SWUN began to train professionals in finance and economics for minorities in the forms of cadre training classes and correspondence training programs, making contributions to the democratic reform and overall economic and social development of the minority areas in Southwest China.   

The decades following China’s economic reform witnessed great development of the disciplines of economics. Particularly in the early 1990s,when China formulated a reform goal of developing a market economy system built on socialism, a desirable macro-environment was created in favor of the furtherance of economic disciplines. In 1992, the Department of Finance and Economics was established, and then renamed as the Department of Economics in 1995 when monetary banking programs became available for undergraduates. At the advent of the 21st century, the disciplines of economics started to boom in the wake of the implementation of the West China Development Strategy. The School of Economics and Management, established in 2000, was again renamed as the School of Economics in 2003. Currently, the school offers seven undergraduate programs, namely, Finance, International Economy and Trade, Economics, Fiscal Science, Insurance, Investment, and Financial Engineering. Besides, the school offers Primary Master’s Degree programs in political economics and applied economics (including the following sub-programs: finance & insurance, regional economics, national economics, fiscal science, industrial economics, international trade, quantitative economics, labor economics, and national defense economy). The school is entitled to confer master’s degrees in finance and insurance, as well as doctorates in Chinese ethnic economics; it also offers minority-area economic and social development research programs at the post-doctoral station in ethnology (the Primary Doctoral Degree program). The program of finance is a national as well as a provincial featured specialty; the Primary discipline in applied economics is a key discipline recognized by the State Ethnic Affairs Commission. The course of Contemporary Chinese Economy is an excellent video-based open course recognized by the Ministry of Education.   

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