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School of Economics
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The school has departments covering economics, finance, international economy and trade, fiscal science, risk management and financial engineering, and applied economics. In addition, the school also operates several teaching and research institutes, including General Experiment and Teaching Center for Economics, Specialized Degree Education Center, Research Center for West China Ethnic Economy, and Research Center for West China Economy and Finance. The Department of Finance boasts a faculty recognized as Outstanding Faculty of Sichuan Province; the Research Center for West China Ethnic Economy ranks as a key research base of humanities and social sciences operated by the State Ethnic Affairs Commission. Currently, the School has 70 faculty members, of whom 18 are professors and 14 are associate professors. Moreover, over 80% of the full-time teachers hold doctoral degrees and two are recognized as Academic and Technical Leaders of Sichuan Province. In addition, there are four reserve candidates for Academic and Technical Leaders of Sichuan Province, one winner of Sichuan Province Famous Teacher Award, one Sichuan Province Outstanding Teacher, and four winners of the Outstanding Teacher Award of SWUN. Furthermore, one of our faculty members is listed in the Leading Talent Plan by the State Ethnic Affairs Commission, and one is a member of the Young and Mid-aged Talent Plan by the State Ethnic Affairs Commission. Currently, approximately 2,500 undergraduates and postgraduates of over 30 ethnicities are studying in the school. The research team on Problems of Economic Development in Minority Areas is accepted as the Innovative Teams of Sichuan Provincial Department of Education.   

At present, the School has developed into an educational base for high-caliber talents in economics and finance for minorities and minority areas, as well as an important research base specializing in economic and social development issues in minority areas.   

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