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School of Foreign Languages
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The School of Foreign Languages, established in 2003, is preceded by the English Department set up in May 1997 as one of the three departments directly under the former Southwest College for Nationalities. The school currently offers four undergraduate programs, namely, English, Japanese, French, and Korean. In addition, the school offers one Primary Master’s Degree program in foreign languages and literature studies as well as two Secondary Master’s Degree programs in linguistics and applied linguistics, and in English language and literature. The Master’s Degree program in Translation and Interpretation (MTI) is also available. The school also houses a Foreign Language Self-access Learning Center and a Translation and Research Center of Minority Languages and Literature.  

Among the current faculty of 140 members, 37 are professors and associate professors; over 85% hold master’s degrees or doctoral degrees. Foreign instructors from America, Britain, Canada, Japan, France, and South Korea are normally recruited to deliver lectures to approximately 1,700 postgraduates and undergraduates from different provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions throughout China.   

In recent years, the faculty has directed three national research projects, directed or participated in over 20 research projects at the provincial and ministerial levels as well as approximately 30 projects at the provincial department and bureau level and over 80 projects at the university level, winning nearly 20 awards in total. In addition, the faculty has published more than 40 academic works and textbooks as well as over 800 academic papers, including over 100 papers in key journals.    

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