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School of Yi Studies
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As the Yi-Mandarin Bilingual Undergraduate Education Base of Sichuan Province, the School of Yi Studies offers the program of Yi language and literature, a featured program recognized by the Ministry of Education, a key discipline recognized by the State Ethnic Affairs Commission and Sichuan Province, and a brand specialty of Sichuan Province.   

As a featured school in Southwest University for Nationalities (SWUN), the 60-year-old School of Yi Studies has been acting on the notion of “China Yi Studies, Global Yi Studies”. By adhering to the featured, quality, and open management, the school persistently provides top quality education for students from minority areas while attaching equal importance to native-language, bilingual, and multi-lingual education. The school currently offers doctoral programs in Yi studies and social culture of the Yi ethnic group, as well as Master’s Degree programs in Yi studies, Chinese ethnic language and literature, and studies of historical literature. In addition, the school offers an undergraduate program in Chinese ethnic language and literature (Yi language and literature). This undergraduate program comprises five sub-programs, namely, Yi-Mandarin bilingual study, Yi-English bilingual study, Yi-Japanese bilingual study, Yi-Mandarin translation, and Yi cultural industry management. In 2014, a new program in Chinese medicine (Yi medicine) was added to the curriculum. The school has such teaching and research sections as Language Teaching and Research Section, Literature Teaching and Research Section, History and Culture Teaching and Research Section, Yi Cultural Industry and Development Research Center, and International Yi-Burmese Research Center.   

The school currently has 670 full-time students, among whom 41 are postgraduates and 629 are undergraduates. Among the 29 faculty members, nine are professors and seven are associate professors. Moreover, seven hold and two are pursuing doctoral degrees. In addition, the school boasts one teacher as the Expert with Outstanding Contributions in Sichuan Province, one reserve candidate for Academic and Technical Leaders of Sichuan Province, one as the National Outstanding Teacher, one teaching team as the Outstanding Teaching Teams of Sichuan Province, and one as the Outstanding Teacher of SWUN. Eleven experts on Yi Studies working in other departments of the university, of whom seven are professors and four are associate professors, are included in the Yi Studies Expert Team of the University.     

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