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School of Yi Studies
May 6, 2015  Hit:[]

The school has made great research achievements in the past five years. The faculty has directed and participated in more than 20 research projects at the provincial and ministerial levels or above. Among these research projects, there are 10 projects funded by the National Social Sciences Fund, of which two are key projects and eight are general projects. In addition, the school receives more than 20 research awards at the provincial and ministerial levels or above, and the faculty has published more than 30 works and textbooks as well as over 200 academic papers.   

Acting on the notion of “A Mastery of Yi and Mandarin as well as a Thorough Understanding of China and the Western World”, the school has fostered over 4,000 qualified modern Yi talents. Many of them have become well-known experts, scholars, poets, and writers reputable in the area of Yi studies at home and abroad. Some have become leaders in the Party and government departments, enterprises, and public institutions. Attaching great importance to international cooperation and exchange, the school has signed Memoranda of Understanding with Australian National University and other foreign universities. By fully utilizing international education resources, the school has launched two projects, namely, the “International Yi Studies Lectures” and the “Yi-English Bilingual Cultural Exchange for Chinese-American College Students” , and initiated the “100 Doctors Training Program”. In doing so, the school has broadened the horizon of minority students and offered them opportunities to access advanced ideas of international ethnic cultures as well as the experience of cultural studies overseas. As a result, the minority students are inspired to develop national awareness, world awareness, and awareness of human beings in the context of globalization, which will in turn strengthen the students’ ideal and conviction of self-esteem, self-respect, self-reliance and constant self-improvement. In terms of university-enterprise cooperation, the school has successfully launched the strategic cooperation with GoodDoctor Pharmaceutical Group by setting up the GoodDoctor Scholarship as well as the “National Yi Medical Expert Database.”     

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